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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Single follicular hair transplant with scar less technique, Successful results with several hundred cases in UK and Pakistan.

Frequently Ask Questions:

What is Hair Transplantation?

Transplantation is taking the hair from back of the head of the same individual and putting them at the front of the head as desired.

Why would hair from the back of the head are permanent?

This is a simple observation that in men who have lost all the hair at the front still retain hair at the back till very advanced age, so if these hair are shifted to the front from the back they are recognized by the system as before and hence they last forever.

Can this be explained scientifically?

Each hair has a root which has the capability to form and grow the hair, this root is a complex structure which has many sensitive areas on it called receptors. Each receptor responds to specific hormone in the system and reacts accordingly. For example male hormone (testosterone) acts on the receptors and starts a chemical process in the root which ultimately leads to hair fall. These receptors are not present in the hair at the back and thereby they do not fall.

Are there other causes of hair loss?

As per research carried out so far, male hormone is the only factor responsible for hair loss . This is always genetically determined (Hereditary). Other factors like illnesses and medicines have only temporary effect. External influences like sun, salt water, heat etc effect the texture of hair only and do not cause hair loss.

Is hair transplant permanent?

Yes, this is a life time procedure.

Can women have this procedure?

Yes, they can equally benefit.

How do women lose hair?

Usually this is due imbalance of other hormones.

Is this a painful procedure?

Certainly not, people normally watch there favorite channel on t.v. or read a book. They also have sandwiches and juices during the procedure and are very relaxed.

Is the procedure done under General anesthesia?

No, this is done under local anesthesia that is the patient is awake at all times during the procedure.

Why is this called single follicular hair transplant technique?

Because each root or follicle is separated out before implantation.

How many hair can be transplanted in each session?

Anything between 6000 to 12000, depending upon the density of the donor site and elasticity of the scalp.

How many sessions can an individual have?

Depending on the width of the donor site from two to four sessions.

Can sugar patients or people with high blood pressure have this procedure?

Sure, without any problems provided sugar and blood pressure are well under control.

What is the most frequent comment before and after the procedure?

Before: I look a lot older than my age
Colleagues make fun of me
I am not attractive
After: I now look a lot younger
I wish I had it done many years ago
I now enjoy dressing and socializing
I take interest in myself and life

How do I know that the surgeon doing this procedure is properly qualified to do it?

This is essential and can be done by making sure of the following:
Surgeon is properly qualified with a recognizable degree
Surgeon is associated with a reputable institute
Surgeon can show quite a few previous good results
Is member of Plastic Surgery Association of Pakistan

Do the hair grow afterwards in a normal way?

Yes, they grow and grey with age

What special care is required after the transplant?

Nothing, No special care is required, you can have them cut from anywhere wash them with any shampoo and treat them like normal and natural hair.

How do you plan hair restoration in a particular individual?

This is not just replantation of hair but requires thorough knowledge of facial dimensions and aesthetics, understanding what hair line and pattern will suit the particular face and then designing it accordingly.

Can any surgeon do this procedure?

No, you need several years of training and understanding of facial aesthetics before you can have results that suits the face and looks natural, any surgeon can transplant hair with little training but will fail to produce natural looking results.

Is this a very expensive procedure?

The price is very reasonable and comparable to other surgeries of cosmetic nature. The added advantage is which people don’t realize that this procedure is for life and if the person has to live for another 30 to 40 yrs then monthly average is less than 100 rupees. We all spend a lot more then this on eating outside or our clothing or cosmetics. It is also a hard fact that without good hair all expensive clothes do not as good anyway. So overall the procedure is a lot cheaper than commonly thought of.

Can people see live surgery?

Sure, but certainly with permission of the client.

Is it possible to see photographs, talk to and meet previously operated clients ?

Of course this is possible and quite frankly our usual practice

Your surgeon must be properly qualified to do the operation and he will advise you what can and what cannot be achieved in your case. Do take that advice.

Dr. Mirza Shehab Afzal Beg is a British trained plastic surgeon possessing the highest qualification of Plastic surgery in UK i.e. FRCS (Plast) which no other surgeon currently practicing in Pakistan has. He has also worked as a Consultant in Plastic Surgery in UK. On his return from UK he is based at Liaquat National Hospital and is also a honorary consultant at Aga Khan Hospital. He has his cosmetic surgery and hair transplant set up at Clifton, Karachi

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